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Bill Stockwell is Owner and President of Stockwell Elastomerics. The company has manufactured custom gaskets in Philadelphia for 98 years. Bill has run the company for 37 years.He is a Co-Founder of PHLMFG.
Ed Stopperr is Owner and President of Elray Manufacturing Co.. The company was founded in Camden 67 years ago and now manufactures metal stampings in Glassboro. Ed has run the company for 36 years. He is a Co-Founder of PHLMFG.
Carter Schelling is Founder and Chairman of 3655, Incorporated, a Presidents' Challenge Group dedicated to extraordinary achievement in business. Carter has been a Strategic Advisor to Bill and Ed for over 25 years. He is Executive Director of PHLMFG.
Alycia Meldon has been Executive Assistant to Mr. Schelling and 3655 for 36 years. She is Executive Assistant at PHLMFG.

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