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PHLMFG is a group of manufacturing business owners who have developed their own model for a “Supply Chain Bridge” that successfully brings entry-level workers from the sidelines of the Philly economy to our shop floors.

Our past experience with this labor pool has been discouraging, largely because we have been naïve about the challenges faced on both sides of the Bridge. We have not used manufacturing discipline to create a process designed to eliminate the causes of failure. Not until now.

Our members are now testing the PHLMFG Bridge Model with formerly incarcerated returning citizens and we’re discovering an unexpected payoff. We’re getting better employees across this Bridge than we have been able to attract through conventional methods. More motivated, more reliable, eager to learn, eager to stay and grow. It’s just phenomenal.

And when we hire them, they graduate from being a burden on their families and the city to being financial contributors to both.

The PHLMFG Bridge Model - off the sidelines, onto our shop floors.

Join us and help us perfect it.

How To Boost High Skill Output
With Low Skill Workers

Many of our members have been slammed by unexpected growth opportunities and they don't have enough highly skilled workers to meet production demands.

Fortunately one of our members, Wayne Wilson has faced this dilemma in several of his companies and shared with us his simple but ingenious approach to working around it.


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Let the leaders of this movement fill you in. Watch Bill's brief introduction to PHLMFG and Rich's description of what Baker brings to the partnership. Then watch Ed make a strong case for how manufacturers can help the big cities they call home.

Bill Stockwell

        CEO, Stockwell Elastomerics          Co-Founder, PHLMFG

Rich Bevan

President, Baker Industries

Ed Stopper

  CEO, Elray Manufacturing Co.        Co-Founder, PHLMFG

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